Kyra Dedrick


Who is KYRA?

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"There is no weakness in doing something to help yourself."

There is no weakness in doing something to help yourself. As a BSW Social Work student at Nipissing University looking to narrow her scope of practice towards counselling, Kyra holds much regard for empathy, the understanding that it can be difficult to open up in settings such as these, and just how important it can be to have someone truly hear you. Kyra has also had experience working at the Family Enrichment Program where she spent time with parents and their young children from vulnerable backgrounds which has helped contribute to her anti-oppressive and trauma informed approach to care.

As someone who has received counselling herself many times, she is looking forward to being on the other side of the practice. More importantly, she is eager to have the opportunity to use her knowledge as a helping tool to pass on what she has learned, also while forming positive connections with many of you.

“I am eager to learn just as much from you as you may learn from me”

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