Adapted Traditional Indigenous Social Work Code of Ethics


  1. Honour the rising of Grandfather Sun each morning; Give Gratitude each evening before sleeping. Seek the courage and strength to be a better person.
  2. The basic Law of Life is to be Respectful. Respect Mother Earth and the Land; Respect the Ancestors and the Seven Generations to come.
  3. Respect the Wisdom of co-workers and clients. Share your gifts with everyone.
  4. Be truthful and measure your walk with your talk.
  5. Treat clients with honour and consideration. Give your full attention and provide a safe space to all clients.
  6. The hurt of one is the hurt of all. The honour of one is the honour of all.
  7. Honour clients and anyone living on the margins with kindness and compassion.
  8. Work to preserve the family unit and strengthen their connection to the Land.
  9. All races live as the Four Colours of the Medicine Wheel and must be respected.
  10. To serve others, to be of help to family, community or Nation is one of the main purposes for which people are created. True happiness comes to those who dedicate their lives to the service of others.
  11. Observe moderation, balance, and harmony in all things.
  12. Listen to and follow the guidance given to your heart. Expect guidance to come in many forms: in prayer; in dreams; in solitude and in the words and actions of Elders, friends, co-workers, and clients.
  13. Debwewin – Truth is to Know all those things that maintain your well-being and those things that lead to you destruction
  14. Live and work through the knowledge and understanding of All Our Relations.

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