When did I last question my gender?

  1. When did I decide, chose, or accept my gender?
  2. What is the meaning of my birth name? Do I like my name? Does my name suit my gender identity and expression?
  3. What does the gender I was assigned at birth give me? Take away from me?
  4. In terms of my gender, what do I enjoy about being a member of my ethnic group?
  5. Am I known as Other/ as It? What do I like, or have I liked if I was known as Other or It?
  6. How does being as old or young as I am, affect how I enjoy or dislike my gender identity, or expression?
  7. Are there any rights, privileges, or maybe freedoms I get from belonging to my class and gender?
  8. Does the kind of work I do give me anything in particular that enhances my gender presentation – either materially or socially?
  9. Does my religious, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs make it good to be the gender I am?
  10. Are my genitals a source of pleasure for me, do I like them just the way they are? In what way?
  11. Is there something about my body type, shape, colour, ability, disability that I really like? Dislike?
  12. Is there some sort of security or safety I get out of defining myself in terms of the gender or genders I am romantically attracted to?
  13. What benefits might I get by naming myself based on what I like to do sexually?
  14. Do I enjoy being defined by or defining myself by something I used to be? (i.e., An ex-nun, a former football player, a widow or widower, a former prospector or past farmer).
  15. If I am BIPOC, how does my gender affect me? 
  16. What comfort do I get from defining myself by my relationship to someone else (family or otherwise)?
  17. Would I miss being defined by others as something I do not consider myself to be, if people no longer did that?
  18. What perks do I get from being on the outside of some group or identity that does not accept me as a member?
  19. What gendered benefits do I derive by reason of my membership in some club, group, party, or organization?
  20. In addition to those listed above, what privileges or comforts do I enjoy by reason of any other identities or descriptions that I use for myself? Or identities that others define me by?

And lastly if I could change my gender… would I? Do I want to?