Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy is an experiential form of therapeutic work that draws on the resources and wisdom of the natural world. Nature can support your healing journey by helping you connect with a sense of place and belonging, in addition to challenging your usual ways of being in the world. While some wilderness therapy takes place in remote settings, you could also participate in urban environments or indoor settings. 

Some of the Activities and Environments you might participate in include the following:

  • Walking on public sidewalks, bike paths, and the land to either side
  • Exploring public parks and open space
  • Interacting with the natural world (earth, water, plants, animals, minerals, etc)
  • Gardening and horticulture activities
  • Outdoor obstacle activities
  • Indoor rock climbing in a controlled environment (coming)

Pawassan Location

  • 26 acres of private land
  • snowshoeing or hiking
  • individual, family or group sessions available


Green Line